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Recharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Reiki Energy Healing


What is Reiki Energy Healing?

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Your body, while capable of many wonderful things, is also capable of storing past and present negativity, trauma and stress. All of the events, thoughts and emotions presented to you in your daily life can diminish your energy. Reiki helps to heal your mind, body and spirit by infusing them with positive energy. During a Reiki session we’ll work together to raise and restore the vibratory energy levels in and around you. Other areas of focus during your Reiki session are listed below.






Lori Harris

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Hello my name is Lori Harris. I worked in the Healthcare industry for 21 years caring for patients and their needs. In April, 2019
I decided to follow my passion and make Reiki Energy Healing and Massage my new way of caring for others and their wellbeing. 

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Physical Benefits
of Reiki

  • Reduction of Pain

  • Increased Immune Function

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation

  • Super-Bosted Healing Response

  • Relief from Depression and Anxiety

  • Increased Work Productivity and Focus

  • Cessation of Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

  • Physical Healing for Illnesses and Disease

  • Enhanced Energy Levels throughout the Day

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Relax. Balance. Heal. 

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I have worked with Lori for the last 9 years.
She is not only a great person, kind and caring but has a gift. She has helped me with neck problems from holding a phone up with my shoulder, headaches and recently with sinus congestion. It has been amazing have her right there to help. So excited for her to provide her gift to everyone!!

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